I was reading the travel pages on line today and this article made me laugh and remember fondly our recent European adventure with children.  In keeping a holiday journal Miss Change Adverse kept a rating scale of toilets by country as we made our way through Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Different cities and modes of transports bathroom facilities were rated on a scale of 1 to 10.

Now airplane toilets do not make the scale, they are to be avoided at all costs due to the very loud flushing sound that they make although they do rate above pit toilets that make a negative scale.  As a female standing to pee is not on her radar.

Rating a 2 are the toilets in Italy where there are no seats, train toilets make a 5 but are much better earlier in the trip.

German toilets rated much higher at an 8 and England made a 9.  The most important question though, was there a 10 recorded on this most important list from our holiday?  Yes, Singapore Airport.  Clean with room to move and beautiful views of the tarmac.  Aargh, what every girl needs.